The Illustrated Plate


We can make a plate with a drawing of a family home, restoration project or a building with historical or sentimental significance. A boat, an airplane or maybe a family or university crest or perhaps a company logo for the occasion of a special presentation.

We draw from a standard 3 x 5 color photograph. We need to have the entire building included in the photograph, overlapping exposures will work for long, low buildings. Photos from several points of view are very helpful as we need to see what is behind landscaping – ie: a window or a door. Please indicate which view you prefer.

If we have any questions about color or detail, we will contact you before starting.

14″ diameter hand-thrown plate.

Six choices of rim color.

Shipping and applicable taxes are extra. We guarantee our shipping anywhere in the world.

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There is probably no other material as permanent as clay. Once fired, it will last for thousands of years. With that in mind, it might be interesting for “The Recipient” to turn the plate over and have something written on the back that has some significance to them or their family.

The subject of the plate may have a geographic significance to future generations.